Water Purification
Silver Ionization
Nature's Way to Purify Water
Investigation of Silver Electrochemistry Water Disinfection Applications
We believe that Ionization is the best spa purification system on the market today effectively killing bacteria, viruses and fungi during use. The disinfectant properties of Silver have been known for centuries. Aristotle advised Alexander the Great to boil water and store it in silver vessels to prevent waterborne diseases. Pioneers crossing America in covered wagons placed silver coins in their water barrels. Vikings lined the hulls of their ships with strings of silver and copper to prevent growth of algae and barnacles and modern ships still use silver and copper for the same purpose.

More recently, in the 1960's NASA developed an electrolytic silver ionizer to purify drinking water in the Apollo spacecraft and they now use silver for the CO² chemsorption process on board the Challenger space shuttles and the International Space Station. Today silver is used to prevent infections in burn patients, to prevent blindness in newborns, to make bacteria-free cosmetics, to disinfect water storage containers, to control Legionella bacteria in hospitals and improve the performance of drinking water filters.

CleanSpa Technologies offer the GeniJet Plus™ as an option on all spas and pedicure sinks we manufacture.
The GeniJet Plus™ was later modified as an attachment to the GeniJet™ Pipeless motor for use in pipeless pedicure spas and is manufactured as the GeniJet Plus™.
Using a low voltage charge, the GeniJet Plus™ System releases small amounts of pure silver, copper and zinc ions into the bowl effectively sanitizing the water during use. Building a product that provides a healthy, sanitary environment for our clients and the end-user is top priority at CleanSpa Technologies.
It is important to note that ionization technology does not eliminate the need to clean the pedicure spa between uses. Strict adherence to a sanitization routine between uses is essential to maintaining a sanitary environment and compliance with local health regulations.  Please refer to the pedicure spa cleaning instructions found within this site.
The GeniJet Plus™  is equipped with a dual light option, which illuminates the water to indicate the disinfectant system is working. The LED lights are available in an assortment of colours.
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GeniJet Plus™ technology 
was developed by GeniEye™ Systems Inc. for use in piped spas and pool systems for disinfecting water during use.
Pools can be hazardous to children's lungs Gas from heavily chlorinated water could damage young lungs.
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