The Mini-Pedi

If you are seeking a pedicure spa that offers flexibility and quality, the Mini-Pedi will exceed your expectations.

Designed for "cozy" salons and spas with limited space, the Mini-Pedi easily tucks away out of sight between pedicure treatments. It rolls back into action when required with all the features of a full-size pedicure spa.

Mini Pidi
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Lucite Colors
The Oyster

A prescription for the stress of modern living.
The Oyster’s contemporary design and quality construction will compliment any décor or theme. Pamper your clients as they relax in the premium upholstered chair with user controls for massage and heat.
All CleanSpa Pedicure Spas utilize GeniJet Pipeless Spa Jets for trouble free sanitary operation.

Note: Chair may not be exactly as shown.

Le Mirage

A most unique Pedicure spa:

This model, designed and manufactured to the exacting standards of Clean Spa Technologies, features technological advances that your clients will always appreciate.

Note: Chair may not be exactly as shown.
The Mini-Rainbow

The Mini-Rainbow pedicure spa by Clean Spa Technologies - comfort and luxury in only 10 sq. ft. of space.

The Mini-Rainbow offers a contemporary design combined with relaxation and rejuvenation in an indulging massage chair.

The technician will love how easily the spa is operated and the flexibility afforded by Soft-Touch controls of true hydrotherapy jets.
The Sunshine

Escape from the daily stress with a pedicure lavished by
The Sunshine at a price that won't break your bank.

The Sunshine provides an unparalleled and comprehensive range of quality features for the discerning client - beginning with true hydrotherapy jets for the feet to a luxurious massage chair for the body.

Drop-In Pedi-Sink

For customers who demand the very best for use in their own custom cabinetry or unique situation.

The CleanSpa™ Pedi-Sink may be configured to match the customer's needs and may be ordered in a variety of combinations.

The Pedi-Sink is available with or without: footrest, waste and overflow hardware, GeniJet Plus™ (not available in Canada... check for updates) disinfectant jet system, multi-coloured therapy lights, and may include 1 or 2 GeniJet™ pipeless hydrotherapy jet motors with air switch control. Perfect for a truly customizable, luxurious spa experience, catered to your exacting specifications.

Let CleanSpa customize a drop-in Pedi-Sink to suit your requirements.