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A Design-Build
program is available
to customers
where in collaboration
with our client, we 
create designs,
fabricate moulds and manufacture products
for their exclusive use.

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Clean Spa Technologies

CleanSpa Technologies with roots in the design and manufacturing of medical equipment was founded with a belief in, and a commitment to, finding a better way.

We manufacture a complete line of pedicure spas and accessories.  Our systems utilize the latest technology including the GeniJet pipeless motor and ionization water purification systems to address the industry's concerns regarding hygiene
and sanitation.  

Our manufacturing methods and technologies
address concerns regarding hygiene and today's stringent
health regulations. The use of a quiet, highly reliable pipeless motor and ionization water purification technology ensures that outstanding results are achieved without the use of harsh chemicals.

It is our goal that the quality and durability  of our products combined with a comfortable, sanitary environment will
enhance the satisfaction of the end-user and improve the
quality of the treatment experience.

Skilled craftsmen carefully build each and every product in our factory and because we manufacture everything in-house, we control quality. Strict quality control procedures ensure that the processes and the materials used are of the highest standards. We manufacture to Canadian and US Safety Standards in addition to complying with the Furniture & Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations and we continually strive to innovate and improve our designs.

A Design-Build program is available to customers where, in collaboration with our client, we create designs, fabricate moulds and manufacture products for their exclusive use.

If after visiting this website you have questions or would like information that is not posted, we invite you to please contact us  and we will be happy to serve you.